Monday, September 22, 2014

Shadow Box Keys

I've you've recently moved or have lots of good memories from an old home this is a project you'll love! :)

For this project I took an old house key that belonged to the front door of my grandparents house, the house that my Grandpa built from the ground up. Recently my Grandma has relocated into a more fitting patio home, but having lived in the house for so many years it is naturally packed with memories for her and for all of us.

I found this shadow box at Micheals Craft Store for relatively cheap and painted it as shown. The inner top of the shadow box has a frame hook hammered into it. After painting and attaching the hook I simply tied a loop of twine around the key and hook so that it hangs from the top section of the box.

Finally, I attached a second frame hook to the back of the box so that it can be hung on a wall. :)
I hope you enjoy this project! It's a simple project that holds a lot of memories and sentimental value.

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