Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Painted Jars

 Recently I tried my hand at making these decorative jars. I made these as part of a wedding gift for some good friends of ours and I love the way they turned out. Not too long ago I also made some for a bridal shower that I helped throw and they were a big hit. For the shower we put silverware in the jars as part of our cake table but they can be used for lots of other things. (Vases, flameless candle holders, etc) I like them as just decorative pieces also. :)

To make the jars I used a vase that I bought at Dollar Tree (Yes $1!!) and the other was a washed out candle jar that happened to match exactly.

1. Clean the jars of any leftover residue (in the case of reusing a jar)
       ***You can find a method for this in my blog Thankful Jar. I used the same method before painting that jar.

2. Squirt paint into the bottom of jar and paint up the sides being careful to smooth our streaks. After your sides are completely covered and smooth squirt some extra paint into the bottom and roll it around until it makes a smooth surface of paint in the bottom, covering all glass.

3. Choose your decorations and wrap them around the jar, cutting to size.

4. Using hot glue, attach one edge of decoration to jar and then wrap it around the jar securing with anther line of hot glue.

5. Tie on other elements (if desired).