Thursday, January 3, 2013

Christmas Crafting

I hand drew these mugs (and the plate below) for my Grandparents. :)

They connect, the stick figures talking on a wire and they say "All because two people fell in love.

We gave the mugs to my Grandparents along with this plate. The two top thumbprints represent them. Each large branch/ leaf represents one of their children, and the smaller branches & leaves represent grandchildren and great grandchildren.  :)

I made several jar gifts this year! It's a fun way to make things pretty and a little more interesting, even if it isn't something that would normally be in a jar. These jars have a mini hand sanitizer, mini candle, candy and a gift card! :)

Family Memo Boards

Recently I made this memo board station to hang in our hallway. :) There is one board for each person & in our case, we have chosen to fill our personal boards with little inspiration, reminders of our faith, and things we want to work better to remember or try to focus on.

What I Used:
-Cork board sheets (You can always find them at Walmart or Target)
-A short roll of decorative wrapping paper (I found mine at Target)
-Thumb tacks

How I Did It:
1. The roll of paper that I got happened to be a great size for what I needed so I didn't need to trim it, but I would suggest somewhere around three inch edge around your cork boards. :)
2. Cut your paper to the desired height and roll the paper out to fit your space and trim.Attach to wall with tape.
3. Depending on how many boards you are using, start with the middle board. Since ours had three boards I only had to center one, but if you have an even number you should have someone else help you and center the two middle boards first. Then add the other boards on either side.
**I used thumb tacks to secure the cork boards to the wall over the paper.

I love this project because it can be customized in so many ways! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013