Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Scavenget Hunt Clues

 These are the clues we used in our Halloween Hunt, Rules and a photo featured in Halloween Decor!

On your marks, get set... Stand in me I'll get you wet.
-Inside the shower.

This clue is hidden in a place…Near something that can hide your face.
-A mask or costume.

Open my head, Scoop out my brains, Light up a candle and Hope it doesn't rain!
-Jack O Lantern’s.

Lines of silk, feet four by four, I get stuck in your hair When hung by a door.
-Spiderweb in a doorway.

I sleep all day; and at night I wander free. When I look in the mirror, there's nothing to see.

Your next clue is waiting here, where you see yourself. Do not fear.

Blood red liquid in a cup, vampires are jealous when you drink this up
-Red Cider or punch.

I want to know who killed me. My pain will never cease. Find the murder weapon and I will be at peace!
-Knives... fake weapons. 

Rattle! Rattle! All thats left are my bones! At least I'm not that zombie; he only ever moans!

Eight legs and many webs to spin, find this creature and you're closer to a win.

To a party host you must return… A fun and tasty treat you’ll earn!

Lots of tricks and now for a treat; Take time to mingle, enjoy something sweet! 
-Your chosen prize! :) (Included in treat!)

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