Monday, November 12, 2012

Halloween Scavenget Hunt Clues

 These are the clues we used in our Halloween Hunt, Rules and a photo featured in Halloween Decor!

On your marks, get set... Stand in me I'll get you wet.
-Inside the shower.

This clue is hidden in a place…Near something that can hide your face.
-A mask or costume.

Open my head, Scoop out my brains, Light up a candle and Hope it doesn't rain!
-Jack O Lantern’s.

Lines of silk, feet four by four, I get stuck in your hair When hung by a door.
-Spiderweb in a doorway.

I sleep all day; and at night I wander free. When I look in the mirror, there's nothing to see.

Your next clue is waiting here, where you see yourself. Do not fear.

Blood red liquid in a cup, vampires are jealous when you drink this up
-Red Cider or punch.

I want to know who killed me. My pain will never cease. Find the murder weapon and I will be at peace!
-Knives... fake weapons. 

Rattle! Rattle! All thats left are my bones! At least I'm not that zombie; he only ever moans!

Eight legs and many webs to spin, find this creature and you're closer to a win.

To a party host you must return… A fun and tasty treat you’ll earn!

Lots of tricks and now for a treat; Take time to mingle, enjoy something sweet! 
-Your chosen prize! :) (Included in treat!)

Halloween Decor

There's lots to say in this post... but more importantly it's about the pictures! :) This is one of those posts that will rely mostly on the images!

This wonderful drawing of Jack Skellington was done by my Husband Dan for our front door. We laminated it to keep it weather safe and used it as decoration! :D

I made this arrangement using Gold Canyon's "floating tea light trio" and Poison Apple candle.

The trio is filled with candy corn, craft leaves and beans. :)

Click here for

I made this leaf vase centerpiece using craft leaves on twigs, beans in the bottom and ribbon with wire to tie a bow around the top of the vase.

The following are pictures of our appartment when we decorate annually for our big Halloween Party! :)

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