Sunday, October 14, 2012

Pumpkin Time!!!!! :)

 We went to Huber's Farm yesterday for a fun fall day & picked pumpkins! :) These are the ones we chose and what we decided to do with them.

 I love the white pumpkins, so my mission was to find one when we went pumpkin picking & I did! For this one I painted the stem black, and used a bottle of fabric paint with the tip to make dotted black vines all around the stem.

After painting on the vines I inked in the word boo with a thick black sharpie (It turns out so much cuter when you do this instead of trying to write with paint!) and then turned the O's into eyes and added a crooked mouth underneath them. :)

This one was your basic orange pumpkin, but it had such a perfect shape and stem that I liked it and thought I should give it the traditional jack- o- lantern look. :) I drew the face with a black sharpie and colored it in completely.

It looks odd here because it is still drying, and it's inside.... but the white paint is actually glow in the dark paint, which makes it look really cool outside. :)

This one is Miranda's! (my sister) She did a fantastic job carving it! :)

I also found these three cool pumpkins at Walmart of all places. Miranda keeps telling me they aren't pumpkins, which may be true... but, I don't know what else to call them.. Haha. I love their colors and the way they look stacked! :)  
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