Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Happy Fall" Sign

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I love the way this turned out even tho it was just a random idea. I think I want to make one for each season now.. If I do, I'll update this post so you can all see :P It was so easy too... Here is what I did!

1. The board is just a thin mini canvas I found at Micheal's craft store.

2. I mixed red, orange and a little brown paint to get the background color. :) (HINT!: Always start mixing with the lightest color and slowly add the darker ones.)

3. Then I used a wooden dowel rod to make the twig the owls are sitting on.
  • All I did for the twig was use a hot glue gun to create texture (bumps & lines) across the rod and then when the glue dried I painted it brown. 
4. The F, A, L, L are painted in the same brown as the rod. (I also found those at Micheal's.Once the letter's dried I glued them onto the canvas with mod podge.

5. Lastly, I glued the owls to each other and then onto the canvas with my hot glue gun. :)

5. Lastly I 

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