Monday, October 8, 2012

7 Fun Halloween Traditions & Crafts :)

 This blog entry is inspired by my post about Fall! :)

1. Boo-ing Your Neighbors!! :) This is a good samaritan type tradition. We just started it this year for the first time in our neighborhood. It's such a special way to spread the Halloween cheer.
"You've Been Boo-ed" from the blog.. It's Written On the Walls

2. Mummy Lanterns... seen here: Crafts ReDesigned

You can see ours (along with the lanterns we made into ghosts & covered in leaves on this post... Craft Night

3. Carving & Painting Pumpkins- These are so cute!---> Henna Pumpkins I want to try painting one this way when we carve/paint this year! To see our's from this year check out my post Pumpkin Time!

4. Going to Huber's Family Farm- If you have never gone it is definitely worth the trip! :) Just make sure you go in October. The hustle and bustle and Fall crowd that comes for pumpkin picking makes it so much more fun! :)

5. Decorating!! :) This is by far the cutest idea I have found this year! :) Bathroom Creepers! (You will have to scroll down to see it, but I love the other ideas on her blog as well! :) See a tutorial for making a cute Fall sign on another post of mine here.

6. Costumes :) Head back to my post about Fall to see some that we have tried.

7. Freaky Halloween Treats- I love the witch finger chocolate pretzels that I found on this blog! :) Witch Fingers

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